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About US

We are a startup team live in California as well as in South China, focusing on making AI robots for makers and STEAM education. In the last few years we have launched two products 7Bot and XPlotter. We will continue to explore the wonders of AI robots...


February, 2017

XPlotter was launched on Kickstarter in February. It is a desktop plotter, laser cutter and engraver with intelligence software. We just deliver the first shipment on October. More references and applications will give out soon!

Larch Tree Branches


September, 2015

7Bot is our first product launched on Kickstarter in September 2015. It is a desktop robotic arm that enable programmers to enjoy robotic AI applications. We will launch the next generation 7Bot in the near future, hope you would like it. please pay attention to our subsequent release information! 

Growing Plants

Maker Faire

May, 2016 & 2017

We are Maker Faire sponsor, and participate every year Maker Faire Bay Area.

Plant & Irrigation System
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