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XPlotter Hardware Testing

After receiving XPlotter, Please check the device first to make sure it works well. Open the package and take out all the components of XPlotter.

Step 1: Assemble Device

Use screw driver from screw package to open the aluminum panel above touchscreen.

Remove screen protector and screw the rubber nut to make the tube firmly stand up.

Use 8 short screws from screw package to fix the panel.

Use 2 flat head screws to fix the end-effector.

Step 2: Test Pen holder

First, Plug the pen holder wires into its socket.

Then, use 4 big head screws to fix pen holder on the end-effector. Sometimes you need to press the pen holder a little bit to align the screw holes.

Plug in power and power on.

Touch the screen and select UI mode, the machine will homing first. Please keep the XPlotter moving space clear. If any accident happens, power off the machine immediately. After machine homing, select brush. Then press X and Y buttons to test horizontal motions. If it works well, press up and down buttons to test vertical motions. If it works well too. The pen holder is OK.

Part 3: Test Laser head

First, power off machine and remove pen holder. Before mounting the laser head, plug in the wire first. Then use the same big head screws to mount the laser.

Wear goggles before laser testing. Power on machine again and select laser. the F button means focusing for laser focus adjustment. Press it the laser will light up at half brightness. How to properly adjust laser focusing will discuss in the following blogs soon.

Part 4: test vacuum cup gripper

After testing laser, change back pen holder and remove the front end then screw in the vacuum cup gripper. Don’t forget to link up the pipe.

Power on again, select vacuum. Most buttons are the same. These are not different from pen holder. Press on and off buttons to control vacuum motor, and use you finger tip to feel the vacuum suction force.

Use this test process, you can make sure your device works well or not. Before packaging, All the devices have been tested in factory. If you encounter any problem, please leave us a massage on Kickstarter. Thank you very much!


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