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Software Issues on Mac

After the Beta Softwares release, Many Mac users feedback issues on Mac OS 10.12 & 10.13. We updated our Mac OS to High Sierra (Version 10.13) to debug these issues. Here is what we have encountered and our solutions.

Computer restart because of a problem

On Mac OS 10.13, after I connected the USB cable to Mac, about 5~10 seconds later, Mac restarted because of a problem. It was the same Mac I used before for developing and testing XPlotter, and the same XPlotter I tested in these days! I tried several times, this problem occurred again and again. So I realized this must be a compatibility issue. After install the latest USB driver which you can download at . This issue solved.

Softwares and Java compatibility

On Mac OS 10.13, we update Java to the latest version “Java 8 update 151” and regenerate the Mac softwares on Mac OS 10.13. The latest softwares have already uploaded to our website. You can download at .

XPlotter Painter on 32-bit OS

XPlotter Painter contains OpenCV library which do not support 32-bit OS. So please use 64-bit OS to run Painter. Thank you.

Open softwares on Mac OS

For Mac users, if the application will not run, try right-clicking the app and selecting Open from the pop-up menu. Or you can visit System Preferences → Security & Privacy and select Allow apps downloaded from: anywhere. (In recent versions of OS X, Apple has introduced the "Gatekeeper" system, which makes it more difficult to run applications like this software exported from Processing open source IDE. This application will be "self-signed" which means that Finder may report that the application is from an "unidentified developer" )

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