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USB Driver

Mac OS X




XPlotter GUI

XPlotter GUI is a graphical control interface for XPlotter.Which can make you more familiar to XPlotter basic settings, and give you a glimpse of programming functions.

XPlotter Painter

XPlotter Painter is a intelligence image processing software for XPlotter. With graphical interface you can easily use XPlotter to achieve artistic creations.

XPlotter SD Card Test File

Laser Filter Box

XPlotter laser filter box is a yellow green plexiglass box which can filter out diffuse light of laser beam and smoke. The connectors between plexiglass panels are 3D printed. This filter box is totally open sourced. You can download its CAD files below. The thickness of plexiglass is 3mm.

3D Printed Feet

XPlotter SD Card Test File

XPlotter can read G-code file from SD card. First write G-code commands into a text file name with xplotter.g and copy this file into a SD card.  Then insert the SD card into the card slot of XPlotter and press SD on the touch screen. You can download test file below which will write a logo shown on the right photo.

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